Project Summary

XR Hackthon Project
4 People
‍My role: Hardware Fabricator & Interaction Designer
01.2024 (48 hrs)
In the time of increased urbanization and less exposure to nature, we hope people can build a caring and compassionate relationship with nature and themselves.

Inspired by their innate endless curiosity, we created a mixed reality experience for children to forge a connection with nature by expressing compassion directly to their new friend "PlantAR".

This project won MIT Reality Hack hardware track.
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01. Key Interactions

*As my team is continuing pushing this project, plantAR v.2.0 is coming soon...

Compliment your plant

Inspired by studies showing plants' enhanced growth to verbal engagement, our 'Sunlight' feature illuminates when positive words are spoken to the "plantar", and dims with negative language.

It not only deepens children's connection with nature but also assists educators in monitoring their mental health.

Concept Video Documentation

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