Project Summary

Passion Project (in progress)
Individual Project
02.2022 - 05.2022
This project cultivates a symbolic, common language for non-verbal self-expression and communication. As humans, we utilize verbal language to articulate our thoughts and feelings within our tangible world.

Concurrently, we also transmit non-verbal signals through deliberate or subconscious movements, including facial expressions, body language, tactile interaction, and spatial usage. However, our physical movements are fleeting and transient in real space. This project seeks to retain the ephemeral moments through digital garments that graphically embody the fundamental human emotions: joy, sorrow, rage, and fear.

01. Inspiration

Do clothes need to be physical to exist?

Today, we are witnessing fashion being used and traded in digital space to make statements rather than utilitarian usage. In the physical world, our body movement is often deterred by the physical clothing we wear. It’s not only about the physical material itself; our clothing is also restrained by the style conventions, current beauty standards, dress codes, and gender norms.

02. Concept Explorations

Body Movement Study

Generative Visual Explorations

Generative movement triggered art w/. Touchdesigner

03. Final Output

"Movement" Collection

Happiness; sorrow; anger; fear


Currently, I'm working on my thesis project about interpreting the hidden meaning of body movement with ML technologies, here are some early prototypes of the project. Stay tuned!

visualize the usage of space & kinetic typography

open vs. close pose

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