Project Summary

Passion Projects
09.2021 - 12.2022 (updating)
Through these projects, I used p5.js to craft varied visual forms spanning multiple themes. While some pieces come alive as motion graphics, others invite interaction. My aim was to delve into diverse methods of visual creation and interactive art prototyping.

Experimental Camera

Early cameras struggled to accurately capture dark skin tones, sparking debates about racial bias in technology. Building on this concept, this experimental camera was designed to produce varied color effects across a spectrum of skin tones, highlighting the diversity and richness of every hue.
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Chill, Chill

Anxiety and persistent negative inner dialogue have always shadowed my thoughts. "Chill, Chill" is a game inspired by my struggle with incessant self-talk when I attempt to concentrate. I've crafted various "disturbance" characters that embodied  "self-talks", "spontaneous musings", and the ever-present "melodies in my mind".
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Mask On

An interactive data visualization examining the word frequency of "mask" and "plastic surgery" in The New York Times. This comparison implies the mask as a metaphorical filter, reshaping our self-perception.
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More Explorations

Some compositional form explorations with p5js and paper.js.
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