Project Summary

Start-Up Launched service
Released in Andriod & ios app store
2 Designers + 4 developers
My role: Founding Product & Visual Designer
01.2021 - 08.2021
Meechu is a mobile-first app to alleviate students’ frustration and loneliness during remote learning under the pandemic.

I contributed to design and iterating the high-fi mobile and web interface, as well as the branding materials for offline promotional activities.

(The app is currently under maintenance, please look at the screen below to get an idea for our product!)

01. Brief

How can we build a community that facilitate a meaningful and lasting connections  between college students who are learning remotely under the pandemic?  

Remote learning & Stress

I looked at the studies evaluating the impact of remote learning on students’ mental status. The impact is huge compared to the data before the pandemic. Loneliness is the most prevalent mental problem among students.

Community Building

There are three community building modules in the universities: the university group chat, student club, and group project. We analyzed them under pandemic, and identified 4 key aspects that determine the success of student community building:
• Population: Is there enough population in this group to stimulate opportunities for social interactions?
• Personal: How personal are the connections able to reach?
• Interest: How likely are the group members sharing the same interest?
• Organization: Are there organizers to facilitate regular activities/gatherings/virtual events?


To get a better understanding of students’ current situation under remote learning, we sent out a survey on Aug. 28, 2020. We received 2343 responses and get chance to talk with 3 of our participants. Then we generated 3 insight and leveraged affinity diagram to analyze and make sense of the data we collected

02. Brainstorm

03. Ideation

Key Features

Join a Course Group

You can join the course group to meet your current/future classmates, and get to know them outside of zoom meeting. You could also build a new group if you like!

We launched it!

We launched Meechu at the start of 2021 spring semester, and immediately gained 500+ active users at Boston University. To base the user base, we expanded Meechu’s reach by featuring it on “BU Today” school media, organizing on-campus activities, and using “Meechu.classmates” instagram to attract more users. Now the number of active users reaches over 1000 people. And we continue updating the new versions to offer a smoother experience for the students.

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