Project Summary

Hackathon Project for Hugo Boss
2 People
My Role: Designer + Creative technologist
“3D Fitting Room” is is a 48-hour fun hackathon team project. Our challenge setter Hugo Boss is looking for a new approach to bring the fashion show to a wider public under the pandemic. In our project, we incorporated the fashion show, live try-on, and a squirrel version of the show in one app, aiming to increase the brand reach among the younger audience.

This project won the first place at BadenWürttemberg hackathon at the fashion category. This creative direction is currently being reviewed inside Hugo Boss as a potential showcase.

01. Creative Direction

Hugo Boss is a Germany premium brand. While brand identity of "Boss" is more towards rational and status-oriented individuals, "Hugo" targets open-minded, curious, and fashion-conscious young people.

To attract the bold fashion enthusiasts to Hugo Boss during pandemic, I came up with the idea of mobile “3D fitting room”, which aims at bringing the fashion show items closer to them. As the fashion trend is shifting towards a more relaxed and casual style, we are are also trying to make Hugo Boss more approachable, without compromising their high-end brand image.

Our app would let the users grab items from fashion show, do a 3D try-on, and catwalk themselves. At the same time, we add “the squirrel version of fashion show” feature into the app as an entertaining twist.

02. Ideation

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