Project Summary

Client Project @VML
3 Designers + 1 Project Manager + Dev team
My Role: UI Design & Desktop Research
05.2021 - 09.2021
Baillie Gifford (BG) is a internationally renowned investment management firm founded in 1908. They manage funds for both individual and professional investors.

My team worked on visual upgrade of their global site key pages, and designing a Chinese version from 0 to 1. I contributed to the desktop research, UI design, and componentization before hand-off.
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01. Research & Planning

Project Goal

1. BG wants to rebrand as the innovative, forward thinking with long-term vision, and need their website to reflect the new narrative.
2. Visual upgrade both global site, and create a Chinese local site.
3. Build trust and connection for both potential and existing investors.

History Record vs. Forward Thinking

Through diving into their current marketing materials, we found the visuals are mostly dark & conservative color scheme, which lacks elements that implies innovative approach. There's potentially miss opportunities to connect with futuristic / tech-savvy investors.

Internal User Research

Non-Professional & Professional investors

Since the content strategy has already been defined, we hope to get insights about how to streamline the visual arrangement of page content in a way that makes sense to both user groups.

We recruited 30+ Participants internally (due to the time constraint) and through online forum. We conducted interviews in-person and through video call with them.

Design Audit

Based on the interview result, we first did a usability and accessibility evaluation for BG’s current site key pages before the redesign.

02. Low-fi prototypes

03. High-fi Designs

Nav Bar Redesign

To enhance info accessibility and build a robust language-change proof visual system, we start by condensing the content to limited types of sizes.

Exclusive content for professional investors

The detailed fund information is only available to professional investors who understands the risks better, the general users would be prompted to schedule a discussion with fund administers.

04. Language Adaption for Chinese Site

Nav bar Design

Chinese characters are more visually complex and bulky. It looks visually crowded if maintaining the same layout. Therefore, we adopted a hamburger menu to enclose all the tabs, while keeping the visual consistency.

More social proof for Chinese new investors

Baillie Gifford’s Chinese customer base is relatively small as they entered China market in 1995, therefore we added a special data section illustrating Baillie Gifford’s global success for Chinese new investors.

Hover interactions for displaying the Baillie Gifford's gobal success and awards through data.

04. Hand-off & Reflection

Grid System

The site is live in both Global & Chinese version.

*Note that the version you are seeing would differ from our design due to further updates. Different countries adjusted content subject to local regulations. Our design only applies to the general case.


Need a more defined user testing framework.

Due to the tight timeframe of the project, we invited our co-workers internally to test the interface, and provide feedback about the navigation experience. It would benefit more if we approach this with a more systemic approach that involves specific tasks.

Content Strategy & Project scope

We still did research although a specific content strategy was defined. Although the design team recommend personalized contents for different investor types, it’s out of the current scope. The project would better off by integrating research better.

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